The 7″ Google Nexus Tablet – Every parents’ gift of choice this Holiday Season

Posted on November 8, 2012 at 12:06 pm

In our last post we looked at how disastrously wrong the analysts were when predicting the growth of the tablet market. Carrying on with this theme. I wanted to address what I think represents one of the largest potential markets for the new 7″ devices and will help create what will be a real sea change in ownership over the coming months.

Being the ‘go to’ person for any kind of technical purchases for a lot of my friends, I was recently asked whether they should get their son a Nintendo 3DS for his seventh birthday. I immediately responded ‘no’ and told them to get him a Google Nexus Tablet. It wan’t even a hard decision. In pure financial terms the Nintendo 3DS is £134.99 and games are £29.99 a pop. That’s an outlay of £165. That’s for one game that the child may or may not engage with and which they’ll likely get bored with pretty quickly. On the other hand, you’ve got the Google Nexus which is being sold at £159.

To be honest, for me it isn’t really about the price. The Nexus pretty much has everything going on that should have parents dumping any thoughts of buying a 3DS and making for the Google- shaped hills. For starters, the Google Play store is packed with hundreds of thousands of apps, so the choice is amazing. Sure, there’s a lot of rubbish in there but in amongst all of that there are some gems. Next, it’s the sheer flexibility of the device. You’re not just looking at an accomplished games machine but the highly accomplished Swiss Army knife of tablets. Its a portal to thousands of amazing interactive and educational children’s books. It’s also a music player and has thousands of amazing educational apps that cover just about every learning level from pre-school through to A-Level. Then there are the apps that kids can satisfy their passions with – our friend’s son loves Chess and there’s no end of Chess apps available. My kids spend hours on end just perusing Google Earth which enables then  to fly through Disneyland Paris and take a quick trip to any one of thousands of interesting destinations. Finally, the availability of Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Lovefilm means that weary parents can get a respite at home and on long car journeys (granted that there is no wi fi in the car so streaming is out of the question for most – so it means buying a film)

Often, a device can be ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’- not so with the Google Nexus Tablet. It pretty much delivers on all fronts and it delivers on them very well. Not only is the entire unit one that packs in amazing quality and  value at £159 but you’re also looking at something that caters perfectly to pocket money. Whereas a couple of quid a week didn’t add up to much before, it now means my kids can easily afford apps. The eternal question of what to give kids for their birthday soon evaporates when a tenner in Google Play Gift Cards (soon to be introduced in the UK) in fact presents children with too much choice when they try and spend £30 on apps! All things considered, you’ve got an amazingly affordable device that you can use to educate and entertain your children in equal measure which also enables kids to buy apps at pocket money prices as well as try thousands of app for free.  Even the smaller 7″ form factor is ideal for small hands. It pains me to say this as a past Nintendo die-hard fanboy but faced with all the above – is there really any choice for parents this Holiday Season?

Posted by James Kaye, director at dimoso

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James Kaye

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