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About us

dimoso stands for digital, mobile and social. We are a brand new agency that offers more than just conventional PR and marketing: we offer a total approach to how to communicate with your target audiences, whether they are consumers, investors, businesses or brands.

At dimoso, our mission is to deliver results through vision; that means that we strive to help our clients through our experience, creativity and know-how.

Our personality is like our approach – fresh, bold and challenging, and our values are being tenacious, honest, working hard and focusing on quality.

The dimoso team’s experience spans all kinds of industries and sizes of company, from social start-ups to global blue chip companies, but we are best known for our experience in the technology and mobile industries. We love mobile, and with over 20 years of mobile experience between us then we like to think we really understand where you’re coming from. We’ve worked with a whole multitude of mobile companies from social gaming through to advertising, analytics, phone recycling and SMS Marketing. Whether you’re a mobile company looking to raise awareness or a company that needs some guidance on their mobile strategy then we’re here to help.

You can find out more about the services we offer or how we can extend your campaign by country, region  or even globally through our international network. Or, if you just want to get to know the people behind dimoso, check out our meet the team section.

Here’s a nice diagram to show you what we do.


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