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Muzicall (now owned by RealNetworks) was Europe’s leading provider of Ringback tone services (the sound that is played down the line to callers whilst they are waiting for someone to pick up the phone)

The Brief

Muzicall approached us to help them create marketing materials to educate resellers in the UK as to the value of Sales Tracks – its new B2B Ringback tone (RBT) proposition. Whereas ringback tones had previously been directed at consumers, Sales Tracks unlocked the huge advertising potential of any mobile phone by enabling employees to play branded company messages to their callers while the caller was waiting for the employee to answer the call. One of their key partners was UK carrier Orange.

What we did

Working closely with Muzicall we created sales materials under their Ringtagz brand to highlight the benefits of ringback tones for the business market as well as some Orange branded flyers for internal use with the Orange sales team . This involved all aspects of design and copywriting, as well as ensuring that the key messages were created and communicated in very simple language. To best illustrate the offering we developed the tagline ‘your company’s own radio station’.

The Results

The creation of the sales materials helped Muzicall to significantly increase internal traction within Orange for their Sales Tracks service and also helped them explain a complex proposition using clear language that we had developed for them.


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