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App Architecture

Dimoso’s unique service offering is App Architecture. This service has come about as a result of this nascent and rapidly growing young industry. Currently Dimoso gets hundreds of approaches from people and companies wanting to market their apps and we have sat through hours of meetings explaining to people where they have gone wrong and what they can do to fix it.

The simple problem is that most developers aren’t there to architect your app, they are there to build it. Imagine if you were building a new house and you went straight to a builder and asked them to build a four-bedroom house with a garden and a pool? That builder goes away and builds the most beautifully constructed property but the bedrooms are on two floors, the pool has no water, the kitchen is at the top and the dining room is in the basement! You wouldn’t build a house without an architect and people shouldn’t build apps and games without an architect either!

This is where Dimoso can help. We have reviewed, launched and helped refine thousands of apps. Architecture and communications strategy at the beginning of the development process can save massive amounts of money in wasted development time. We have seen hundreds of apps that were conceptually great but had gone wrong because they missed some fundamentals. We help companies think about what they want their apps to do and help them to refine their proposition before they go down the expensive development route.


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