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B2B Content Marketing

B2B marketing has changed radically. Operating in the old world of pushing out new client/product press releases and the occasional piece of thought leadership in a trade journal just doesn’t cut it any more. The wealth of distribution channels, coupled with the sheer amount of noise in the market means that businesses need to become a lot smarter about their messages reaching the right people at the right time.

At Dimoso, we strongly believe that any business wanting to succeed in this new age needs a strong content creation strategy. Through building a volume of original, authentic and valuable content, businesses are able to better engage prospects as well as grab headlines. Whilst most companies aspire to be in Mashable, Techcrunch and a plethora of influential media, not every one is worthy of doing so. Attention needs to be earned by creating something exceptional that warrants the attention of both media and prospects alike.

We work closely with our B2B clients to create rich, thought provoking and original content that helps position them as authority figures within the issues and talking points that they want to own and be identified with.  We then treat each piece of content as a product with its own launch strategy. Disseminated quality content effectively through multiple channels often results in increased lead generation, SEO optimisation and media coverage.

Ken Krogue, founder of Insidesales.com created a diagram that precisely illustrates the range of content that any business needs to be thinking about.





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