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Social Media

Social media is forming an increasingly important part of the B2B and B2C marketing mix, whether it’s to foster greater word of mouth recommendation or act as a valuable customer service interface. We also know that Social marketing can be a drain on internal resources – where should you best invest your time? Twitter, Facebook or Google+? We’re here to help by taking some or all of the load, and managing your social media programme for you. Likewise, social media outreach is nothing without the ability to find, filter and understand the way your business is perceived online.

  • Before we create a social media strategy for you, we’ll undertake a thorough analysis of your social footprint.
  • We’ll then  leverage existing social media channels,or if required, create branded pages on Twitter, Facebook and other relevant channels on your behalf
  • We use a comprehensive social tracking and intelligence platform to help us to help you make informed decisions and keep your brand interactions positive.
  • We can track how your brand is performing against your competition, giving you a detailed view on where best to target your online marketing resources.