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success never stems from conformity.

We are communications trail-blazers. We do great things, and we get great results, helping your business make waves that won't come crashing down.

We produce strategic breakthrough campaigns and are proud to use our experience to shake up industries in this ever-changing age of communication. From AT&T, Rovio, and Warner Bros, to making rockstars out of startups like Gram Games and My Taxi, we have spent years putting our clients firmly on the map.
That map is global.

our four pillars.

Our four pillars sit at the core of our offering. These values are non-negotiable.



We're the experts who taught the experts, transforming over 1000 tech companies' communications in the process.
We never hide. We never stay quiet.

We never stop working.

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Our work and our approach are cemented in clarity and proof. We agree on what we need to achieve and set out to overachieve.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.


happy employees

Our people are our calling card and will always come first.

We are a diverse family each of us possessing distinct skill sets. Our work culture enables excellence, opportunity and expression.

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disrupt confidently

We know your industry and we know where change can be made confidently and successfully.

We make our moves with purpose and strategy.


designed to do
it right

If we weren't diverse, we wouldn't be Dimoso. With individuals from all over the world varying in age, skills, interests, and shoe size, we believe in hiring people that break the norm - the warriors, the unicorns, the titans, and everything in between.

Diversity drives innovation, and it’s what powers our success at Dimoso.

enough about us. let's build something great together.

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